Month 2 of Run Every Day 2014

Bill Murray perfectly sums up my feelings about this winter with his spot-on forecast in Groundhog Day:

Worst Winter Ever - Chicago Tribune headline February 2014

Worst Winter Ever!

This is where I’m supposed to write about how the cold and snowy winter has made me tougher and more resilient.  Oh sure, I suppose there is some truth to that, but overall I’m just ready for some warmer temps.  I do however feel pretty good about getting outside for a run every day this month, so I haven’t had to succumb to the treadmill yet.  And despite the cold and windy days, there were also a fair number of decent running days.  I’ve learned that single digit temps are really not all that bad if there’s not much wind.  I’ve also learned to obsessively check my weather app every morning to try and strategically time my run for the peak temp.  Should I run at 7 am when it’s 2 degrees with sun, or wait until noon when it warms up to 7 degrees but with wind?  These are the struggles I hope not to deal with much longer (and I promise not to complain in August when I’m debating whether to run when it’s 97 degrees as sunrise or 102 at lunch).

I’m still slowly easing into the mileage, which I think is smart and will hopefully help avoid any early injuries.  I topped out at 48 miles in the 28 days of February.  I plan to start increasing my mileage in March in preparation for an early May half-marathon, the Great Western Half.  I’ve been contemplating a Spring full marathon as well, but haven’t fully convinced myself yet (perhaps just a glimmer of warmer weather in March will push me to sign up – we shall see).

59 days into the run streak.  2 months down, 10 to go!

Winter running

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  • Great clip from Groundhog Day (RIP Harold Ramis).

    This winter is starting to break me but I’m holding kind of strong through it all. I keep thinking it can’t get any worse but there’s still a chance of snow this weekend. Ugh.

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